Admission and Enrollment Procedures for Transatlantic School of Management Programs

At the Transatlantic School of Management (TSM), we are committed to ensuring that our admission and enrollment process is streamlined, transparent, and supportive, enabling prospective students to embark on their journey towards professional and personal excellence.

Step 1: Program Selection and Registration

  • Browse our catalog of courses on the TSM website
  • Select the courses that align with your career development needs and register online.

Step 2: Payment and Confirmation

  • Pay the course fee through our secure online payment system.
  • Receive an email confirmation with course details and access instructions.

Step 3: Course Access and Orientation

  • Access the course materials and resources via the student portal.
  • Attend an online orientation session to familiarize yourself with the course structure and expectations.



To enroll in or express interest in TSM's various programs, follow these comprehensive steps:

1. Browse through the TSM Brochure

  • Download or access the TSM Brochure: Visit the official TSM website or request the brochure via email to get detailed information on the available programs.
  • Review program details: Carefully read through the programs offered, such as Graduate Development Programs, Leadership Development Programs, Professional Development Programs, Executive Training Courses, and Specialized Executive Courses.
  • Select desired courses: Identify and list the courses or programs that align with your personal or organizational goals.

2. Reach Out to Customer Support

  • Email for General Inquiries: Contact TSM Customer Support for information on program schedules, dates, and venues at:
    • Email: or

  • Prepare your inquiry: Include the following details in your email:
    • Full Name
    • Contact Information (Phone Number and Email Address)
    • The program(s) or course(s) of interest
    • Specific questions about schedules, dates, venues, and any other relevant information.

3. Request for Custom Programs and Training

  • Identify Needs: Clearly define the specific training needs for yourself or your organization.
  • Prepare a Proposal: Draft a detailed proposal that includes:
    • A brief introduction of your organization or personal background
    • The specific areas or skills you wish to focus on
    • The desired outcomes or objectives of the training
    • Preferred training formats (e.g., workshops, seminars, online courses)
    • Any specific dates or timelines for the training
  • Submit Your Request: Send your proposal to the appropriate email address: or
  • Follow-Up: After submitting your proposal, follow up with a phone call or additional email to ensure your request is being processed and to discuss any further details or customization options.

4. Complete Enrollment

  • Receive Confirmation: Once your inquiry or custom training request has been reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on the enrollment process.
  • Submit Necessary Documents: Provide any required documents or information as requested by TSM.
  • Payment: Follow the provided instructions to complete any necessary payments or deposits to secure your enrollment.
  • Final Confirmation: After payment, you will receive a final confirmation of your enrollment, including all necessary details about your chosen program.

5. Prepare for the Program

  • Review Program Materials: Once enrolled, review any preparatory materials or resources provided by TSM.
  • Engage with Support: Stay in touch with TSM Customer Support for any further assistance or information needed before the start of your program.

By following these detailed steps, you can effectively enroll in or express interest in TSM's various programs, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive process tailored to your needs.